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 We are  small breeders and I am breeding first for temperament. Rosie ( Glowing Russet Embers at Sovargo) is my foundation bitch, my doggie soul mate. I could not have hoped for a better dog and she is a fantastic family pet. I don't work Rosie although she has a good working pedigree and fantastic hunting instincts. Rosie really enjoys going to dog training classes to keep her mind active and loves to please. Rosie was born in Shropshire in 2006 and we have had her since she was 10 weeks old. It was a very long 4 hour drive to collect her but worth every minute. We have 2 other dogs, Wishful an 11 year old beagle from our local hunting pack. She came to live with us aged 4 when her pack was being disbanded. Wishful lives up to her name. This is where my kennel name came from. "Sovargo" meaning wishful thinking in Hungarian( I hope). Archie is our lab cross. My husband took pity on  him as he had no home to go to he was a very cute puppy! He is what I call our character dog life is never dull with Archie around.

 We are pleased to announce Rosie has been confirmed pregnant. Puppies are due 25/09/2010. The sire to this litter is Ch Bitcon Gold Goast At Northey JW. He is a fantastic lad and was carefully picked to compliment Rosie. Both Rosie and Coast have been hip scored and have good even scores. Rosie 6/7 and Coast's 7/5 and elbows 0/0. He has been successful in  show, field trials, and at home hunting with his owner. He has won too many awards to name. If you want to find out more, see some pics or speak to his owner then have a look at their website. http://www.ftr-services.co.uk/northeyweb/hungarianvizslas.html

Phone:02392 341145

If you want to know more about Hungarian Vizslas or enquire about becoming an owner of one of Rosie's puppies please dont hesitate to call for a chat and find out about the breed and us.

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